Is the world better because your company is in it ?

Start with insight & support

Truth is, many companies fail to achieve their sustainability goals. So don't start rolling out initiatives too quickly. The 6P rule (Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance) is a standard management rule, which also applies to sustainable business. Take time to measure the current state of your business. Discover where you are already making an impact & where the opportunities are. Our 3D Photo provides your company with the measurable insights it needs, to achieve continuous Better Business results at scale!

Measure & improve your impact

Is the world better because your company is in it? That's the question every company should be asking itself to stay relevant for the future. Inevitably, the next question is: How do you make something like that measurable? That is why Sustainability Partner developed, The way to B™. A five-step plan to consistently measure & improve the impact of your business. A holistic approach, that takes the entire organization on a continuous improvement journey with Better Business as a result.

Use the power of business as a force for good

B Corp certification is to a business, what Fair Trade is to coffee & LEED is to a building. You hear about it more and more, from colleagues, customers and partners. Also in B2C. For example, at and many other online shops, you can explicitly choose B Corps products. But what exactly does B Corp certification mean and is it right for your company? Learn all about B Corps & benchmark the impact score of your company with 100,000 other companies around the world !

Prove your company is a reliable sustainable partner

Sustainable business is not about perfection, it is about reliability. Your stakeholders must be able to trust you. Just say what you do, do what you say and be transparent. It really is that easy. On the road to a more sustainable future, we are all students. But make no mistake, false claims are dangerous. Make sure your image  and  messaging stay in line with your actual achievements. And yes, there is an app for that ;)

Your Shared Sustainability Manager

A Sustainability Expert, whose time you share with a limited number of other companies. You only pay when you call on your Sustainability Manager. This way you avoid high cost on your payroll & your SMB can efficiently start building a more sustainable future! After measuring the complete social and ecological state of your company, your Shared Sustainability Manager will help you set ambitions, KPI’s and find the most suitable solutions to achieve your objectives within time and budget. He/she guides your company and it’s employees every step of the way!

Sustainable Business = Better Business

Every day we notice that many entrepreneurs are struggling with the term 'sustainability'. At Sustainability Partner we prefer to talk about doing Better Business. Sustainability has become a flattened concept. If you want to make a consistent positive impact as a company, it is simply only sustainable if there is also a better business strategy behind it. How do you test sustainability and is there such a thing as an ROI on sustainability? Find out here.

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