A world where sustainability is a prerequisite for a company’s right to exist

Our Mission

Accelerate the sustainability transition for small and medium sized businesses.

We believe in the power of small and medium sized businesses to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Europe's 25 million small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create two out of three jobs, provide training opportunities in all regions and sectors, including for low-skilled workers, and support the well-being of society. Together with the SMBs of Europe, we want to use our talents and experience to create a better world for current and future generations.

What we do on a daily basis?

We measure & improve the impact of our customers and challenge organizations to communicate transparently about sustainability.

Our core values









All businesses should be a force for good. We promote the values of business as a force for good, demonstrate our responsibility to people, our planet and the economy. We create shared value with all our stakeholders.

We drive change. We do not waste time discussing problems. Instead, we focus all our energy describing what the ideal situation looks like. Then we work backwards, towards what is required to achieve the change we seek.

We embrace the spirit of interdependence, between people, planet & profit. We steer away from polarizing debates. We are all in the same boat,… and there are 17 holes (SDG’s) in the bottom. Let’s join forces and get to work!

Out of many we are one. We work as a team. We set the stage for each other. We recognize the strength of our differences. We proactively support each other, in every way we can, to achieve our collective goals.

The best ideas must win. No matter where they come from. It is not an idea until it is written down, backed by data and shared with your team.

The words we use matter. How we speak about ourselves and others, has a profound impact on how we are understood by and resonate with people. The voice of Sustainability Partner is informal, positive, supportive, and inclusive. We aim to follow these principles during all interactions, with every life we touch.

The way we listen matters. We really listen. Not to be able to speak ourselves, or to evaluate and judge what is being said based on our own frameworks. We listen to fully empathise with others and truly understand what drives them.

Sustainability is not about perfection, it’s about reliability. Our stakeholders must be able to trust us. That is why we commit to continuous improvement and share our progress to accelerate change transparently with all stakeholders at any given time.

Walking the talk

We do not only assist companies to become a certified B Corporation. We are a B Corp ourselves. B Corps are for profit companies that, in addition to financial results, also pursue sustainable and social goals.

Together we form a global community that uses the power of business as a force for good. B Corps meet B Lab's high standards in terms of social and environmental impact. Does that mean we are perfect? Certainly not.

The strict certification process makes us even more aware of our impact on people, planet & society. That motivates us to do even better! We see certification not as an end in itself. It is a commitment to a continuous improvement process, towards a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all.
B Corp

The Team

Co-Founder & Impact Development bij Sustainability Partner bv
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Sebastiaan de Voogd

Co-Founder & Impact Development

Co-Founder & Sustainability Development bij Sustainability Partner bv
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Jan Delmotte

Co-Founder & Sustainability Development

Sustainability  bij Sustainability Partner bv
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Jocelijn Geurts

Shared Sustainability Manager

Advisory & Integrity Board Member for Sustainability Partner
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Dennis Duinslaeger

Board Of Advisors
Advisory & Integrity Board Member for Sustainability Partner
Volg Dennis Duinslaeger op LinkedIn!

Roel Stassen

Board Of Advisors

Advisory Board

That is why we have set up an Advisory  Board. The board challenges us to do (even) better business and ensures that we continue to dedicate ourselves to people, planet and society, while we continue to grow as a company.

We know from experience that companies are not in the best position to judge their own actions:

To strengthen the board in its task, Sustainability Partner provided two amendments in its founding statutes :


One of the purposes of the Company shall be to have a material positive impact on society and the environment taken as a whole, through its business and operations.
Shareholders' interests do not take precedence over those of other stakeholders.

What our customers say?

The opinion of our customers is paramount, and anonymity guarantees their freedom to be honest. That's why we place a strong focus on collecting extensive, anonymous feedback about our services. We are constantly engaged in measuring and improving our customer satisfaction, because we believe that this is the key to close, sustainable partnerships.

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