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B Corp Certification for a Business, is what fair trade is for coffee or LEED to a building. A better future is possible and you can contribute to that!

A fast-growing network

B Corps inspire each other and share knowledge to use the power of business for a better world. They easily find each other through B Corp Events & the B Community App.

What are B Corps?

B Corps are for-profit companies that, in addition to financial results, also pursue sustainable and social goals. They even integrate this in the articles of association of their company.

B Corps all want to add more value to our society than they extract. They take social responsibility seriously and aim to be good ancestors for current and future generations. Certification is only awarded to companies, that meet verified performance. 

You don't just become a B Corp. B Corp only rewards companies for real impact actually made. Not just for strategies or promises that sound convincing.

How do you become a B Corp?

To become a B Corp, companies are subject to a rigorous and comprehensive assessment that covers good governance, workers, society, the environment and customers. 

The assessment evaluates your score on a scale of 0 – 200 points. A score of less than 80 points does not qualify to become a B Corp. The idea is that with less than 80 points, your company extracts more value from society than it adds.

Its holistic approach makes B Corp certification the most reliable sustainability certification. It inspires trust among investors, governments, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Ready to guide you on your journey!

Our B Leaders are not only trained by B Lab, but also Affiliated Experts in B Corp certification & Re-certification. They are happy to show you the way & challenge your organization to consistently improve. With small targeted steps, we can achieve great results together!.

B Leaders form a global network of expertise. Its members cover different regions and industries. B Leaders are a community of dedicated individuals, who share knowledge and experience with each other to accelerate better business practices.

Tailored to Small & Medium sized Businesses

We are a B Corp and an SMB ourselves. We understand that most small and medium-sized businesses lack the time, money & knowledge to consistently work on becoming more sustainable. That is why our scans are prepared in advance, down to the last detail. The advice we formulate is always with respect for your ambition level, available time & budget.
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Trippple Impact Model

Save Time, Money & Energy !

Trippple Impact™

Data and insights obtained from your BIA and SDG Assessment overlap with the requirements for your CSRD sustainability reporting.

With Sustainability Partner’s unique Trippple Impact™ Model, we can collect and analyze data simultaneously, enabling us to work more efficiently and save a substantial amount of time!

Why choose between making an impact or reporting on it when you can do both just as efficiently at the same time? This way, you not only meet reporting standards but also gain recognition as a certified B Corp!

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Introduction B Corps & B Impact Assessment.


Discover & Compare your B Impact scores* 


Opportunities, challenges & quick wins.


What to expect ?

Increase knowledge and enthuse colleagues to put Better Business in to practice.
Know your sustainability position in terms of good governance, employees, society, the environment and customers.
Compare your impact scores with over 100,000 other companies around the world.
Gain insight into the inefficiencies of your organization and discover where the opportunities lie to increase your impact.
Our B Leaders wil help you on your way to making (even more) impact, with a concrete step-by-step plan !
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